What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is a process designed to facilitate the process of recovery from injury

The Sussex Trauma Network is supported in providing rehabilitation in partnership with our local healthcare providers in acute, in patient and community settings.

Initial management of your injury will be at our one of our acute centres:

  • The Major Trauma Centre (MTC) situated at Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton
  • Trauma Units situated at:
    • Conquest Hospital, Hastings, East Sussex
    • Worthing hospital, Worthing, West Sussex
    • St Richards Hospital, Chichester, West Sussex

From our acute Trauma Units, our teams will work in partnership with you to design your rehabilitation pathway. This will be supported by a document called the Rehabilitation Prescription, which will be completed by your team and shared with colleagues who are involved in your rehabilitation.

Each person using our trauma services will have a different rehabilitation pathway dependent on individual needs.

Our Trauma rehabilitation pathway begins early within your hospital stay. As a trauma network we provide rehabilitation within our intensive care units, acute wards, inpatient rehabilitation units and within the community. Your individual rehabilitation pathway will depend on your needs following injury. Many people are able to return home after your acute hospital stay. If you require further rehabilitation this will be discussed with you and your family/ carers and organised before you leave hospital. Possible stages within your rehabilitation are outlined in the diagram below, however not all stages of the pathway may be necessary for you.


Supporting you and your loved ones

There are a wide range of support organisations both locally and nationally to help those who have suffered a trauma, as well as those caring for loved ones. Some of these organisations are listed below.

The Limbless Association provides information, support and legal advice. You can access their website by clicking here. The Limbless Association telephone number is 020 8788 12777. Email:enquiries@limbless-association.org.

The Sussex Rehabilitation Centre (Elm Grove, Brighton) provides a counselling service for those with an amputation or head injury. This support service is also for partners, family members and carers of patients. Further information can be found on the Sussex Community Website by clicking here. Their phone number is 01273 696011 Ext 3812 for SRC and 01273 242154 to contact Emma, the counsellor, directly (Mon, Wed, Thurs 9am to 2pm).

For Carers there is service called Sussex Care for the Carers, who provide support and counselling for carers. Their website can be accessed by clicking here. Their phone number is: 01323 738390 or email: info@cftc.org.uk

After Trauma

Day One


Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT)

Sussex Acquired Brain Injury Forum


Our Rehabilitation Pathway


Hyperacute rehabilitation

Our Trauma Rehabilitation Team

Your care will be supported and coordinated by Trauma Practitioners


To read a report on specialist psychological input for patients at the Sussex Major Trauma Unit 2015 click here

How am I progressing?

Multidisciplinary ward Rounds  and Goal setting

Whilst you are within the acute phase of your recovery, our teams will meet daily/ weekly to discuss with you how you are progressing. This will support the team along with you and your loved ones make plans about the type of rehabilitation you will require. This will be documented in the rehabilitation Prescription.

During this time the team will also work with you to set the goals you want to achieve. The process of setting and working towards goals is a vital part of the rehabilitation process and will be ongoing during all parts of your rehabilitation pathway.

Rehabilitation Prescription

All trauma patients with significant injuries will receive a Rehabilitation Prescription. The rehabilitation prescription describes the rehabilitation needs you may have following your injury. The purpose of the rehabilitation prescription is support the individual in accessing the services and therapy to maximize their recovery. The rehabilitation Prescription also acts as a communication tool between health professionals.

As rehabilitation services for trauma patients develop across the network there may be differences between the recommendations and the services available.

The Sussex Trauma Network is also developing the Rehabilitation Prescription as a way of capturing information about the gaps which may exist within Sussex for rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation Decision Tree and Directory

The Sussex Trauma Network is currently developing Rehabilitation Decision Tree. This is a tool which will support clinicians, patients and their loved ones in making decisions about the rehabilitation options available. This is supported by the Sussex rehabilitation Directory of Services.

Trauma Audit Research Network (TARN)

All Trauma Networks and Trauma centres are required to collect information on all patients who have experienced significant trauma. The Rehabilitation prescription forms part of the information which is collected and provides information and research to support the way in which we deliver trauma rehabilitation.