Dear Colleagues

We would like to introduce the National Trauma Research & Innovation Collaborative (NaTRIC). The aim of NaTRIC is to facilitate a multidisciplinary trauma research collaborative which improves the care of injured patients in the United Kingdom. We have been inspired by the success and positive contributions of other collaboratives and we believe that a truly multidisciplinary research collaborative in trauma could also make a great impact.

The NaTRIC inaugural meeting will take place in London on the morning of Wednesday 13th June 2018.

We invite interested trainees from any speciality, nurses and allied health professionals across the whole of the UK involved with trauma patients to attend.

One of the primary aims of this meeting is to agree upon the first national trauma study. If you have a suggestion for this, we would like to hear from you. If you don’t have a project idea – don’t worry; come along, have your say and be a collaborator in the chosen study.

If you would like to discuss a project idea at the meeting please let us know at At the meeting we ask that ideas are presented as posters, 5-minute oral presentations or both. It doesn’t matter how well developed your project idea is at this point. We would like to encourage ideas from all clinical professionals involved in trauma care. Projects that are appealing to the collaborative will be deliverable, cost effective, produce results which should be impactful, and finally the project will have the potential to include of a diverse range of health professionals and hospitals. During the meeting we will discuss, vote on and select the best project idea for the national study.

Spaces are limited, and tickets are going quickly. Register your interest as soon as you can. 

Why get involved:

    You will have the opportunity to meet people that share an interest in trauma care.

    Present your work at a prestigious meeting with involvement of a senior trauma steering group to help guide the research

    Participate in meaningful research that will contribute to patient care and hopefully lead to a high impact publication with joint authorship with all contributors

    Bolster your medical CV with a poster presentation at a National Meeting

    Stay for the afternoon and be part of a broader meeting on trauma research

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