Innovation in Rehabilitation: Thinking outside the box

Amex Community Stadium

The Sussex Trauma Network hosted its inaugural conference on 16 March 2016 at the Amex Stadium. The conference theme was Rehabilitation – Innovations in Rehabilitation: Thinking outside the box.

Rehabilitation is an integral part of trauma care and essential to maximising the outcomes following national changes to trauma care delivery. Our key note speaker was Col. John Etherington, National Clinical Director for Rehabilitation. His emphasis was on the economic impact that rehabilitation brings to society, with a strong focus towards developing strategies to support populations returning to work and meaningful activity. Keeping with the theme of innovation were sessions on cloud based technology to support the use of Rehabilitation Prescriptions, Equine Assisted Therapy, new models for vocational rehabilitation, learning from the military, use of in-house legal clinics to support rehabilitation within the NHS and Equine Assisted Therapy.

A number of patients, including two quadruple amputees, provided highly inspirational presentations from a patient perspective.

The day was ably supported by a conference exhibitor gallery, including some innovative tools to help major trauma victims return to functional life.

The presentations from the event can be found by registering at – a selection of photographs from the event are shown above, click to the right of them to scroll through them.

We are looking forward to arranging our next conference